dissabte, 25 de desembre de 2010

♥♥♥ Little VxB Xmas Card for you ♥♥♥

♥♥♥ Lot of Kisses!!! ♥♥♥
Wishing all you sweet Xmas moments and a lovely 2011 New Year!!!
Thanks for your lovely comments.¡¡¡Gracias de verdad!!! Gràcies!
And sorry for my English mistakes ^^u... OMG Last Pink Lovers 13 was full of English mistakes. In few minutes, I'll upload it corrected. Gracias Aleida!! ^____^
You make them possible


dilluns, 20 de desembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 13 *** Season 2***

XD Poor Vegi hahahaha!!

¡¡¡Y gracias Aleida y Nindy por vuestras correcciones de Inglés!!
Thanks for your English corrections.


I was a bit busy this weekend, having some fun clubbing and going to cinema, to see Harry Potter. So I've finished Pink Lovers this morning ^^u... Hopw you don't mind and enjoy iy anyway!
About studying, mmm.. I'm a bit worried... maybe in 2011 I'll need to study harder, even go to an academy to prepare my exams (Gov. Administration) :( I don't want to think about it right now. I'll try to draw a lot during Christmas time.
Petonets!! Kisses!! Besitos!

dijous, 16 de desembre de 2010

*** He is on the guest's list ***

Trunks, of course. He is on any guest's list.

Fanart with Trunks Dragonball character and Carolina Herrera 212 VIP perfume Adv.
Watch Adv: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfqDlkoV4Ak

XD having so much fun thinking about this pic. I also wanted to use Paco Rabanne 1 million perfume Adv with Trunks and Bra but no time! Pink Lovers 13 is waiting.
Anyway, I hope you like it ^_____^
(I'll buy the perfume, love it!)

diumenge, 12 de desembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 12 *** Season 2***

♥♥♥ BACK!!! Pink Lovers comics are back!!! ♥♥♥ Happy!!!
Season 2 is here :D
Thanks for those who have been asking and waiting for
... omg, more than 2 months....
You really deserve these comics. I hope you enjoy them.
My work schedule has changed and I think I'll have a bit more time to draw!!! Happy tears!! I can't believe it! So, I'll try to post more often! Fun, fun!
Let's update website and deviantart page.

*** Back from long weekend :D ***

^_______^ Vegi and Bulma are back too.
Surprises coming really soon :D
Thanks for waiting, darlings!
You're lovely! Gracias, qué paciencia...

dissabte, 4 de desembre de 2010

*** White days - Andorra ***

^________^ long weekend is here! I'm some days in Canillo, at Andorra country (European Pyrenees) And I'm quite lucky because lot of people in Spain have not been able to start holidays because of an illegal air controllers strike. Really bad. So I wish everyone can go to their homes soon :(((((

dimecres, 1 de desembre de 2010

*** Waiting for Holidays ***

*______* a long weekend is coming.
6th, 7th & 8th of December.
After that, I'll start posting Pink Lovers season 2 :D
I really want to.

dilluns, 22 de novembre de 2010

*** DragonBall: las pelis del Goku 1 ***

*** A little treasure***
DragonBall - Los hijos bastardos de toriyama. Las pelis del Goku

This awesome fanzine/doujinshi is a lovely parody book about DBZ movies. It's entirely done in Spanish/Catalan and drawn by several artists: Water Party Boys Circle. It could be bought at Saló del Manga de Barcelona, 29th october 2010, in fanzines area. It's printed as an original manga tankoubon: small book, 180 pages, B&W. 5euros. So it's an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing fan edition XD
All DBZ movies have been redrawn with lot of fun and great sense of humor. Here I post some scans. hope you enjoy them, even it's in spanish/catalan.

Above: There is a glossary about the most famous Vegeta Catalan insults. They became really really famous on TV anime. Excellent idea!
Above next: Vegeta with Paragus, as Jasmine princess in Aladdin movie. Amaaaaaaaaazing moment XD

Above:Vegeta blushes about having some fusion with Goku XD lovely!! hahahah!
Next: Goten and Trunks have some problems with Broly... lol

Above: Bardock, Goku's father, is a great warrior but with some problems with alcohol. Freeza is fed up with him ^^;

Above: Gipsy warriors from out space singing Flamenco. Cute
Even I'm a BIG heteroTrunks fan, sexy gay Trunks moments are amazing XD He's adorable anyway ^__^

Above: Another great Trunks moment. He has to help Goku because fangirls want to see how he takes his jacket off XD hahaha! True!

I really found an amazing DB fancomic. I really want to thanks the artists.
Gràcies a tots!!! Happy fan!!!
*** Waiting for DBZ 2 !! ***

Available at:
Norma comics shops

Fan, you need it! :D

divendres, 19 de novembre de 2010

*** Question ^^ ***

:D Finally!! new comic strip!!
OMG!! busy at work, stressful days, no time to draw. I hate it.
But today, happiness!! New little comic done!
Trunks xBra :DDDD lovely family XD! hahahaha
Hope you like it ^__^ more news soon!


diumenge, 14 de novembre de 2010

*** Robos y falta de Seguridad en el Salón del Manga de Barcelona ***

In last Saló del Manga de Barcelona 2010, some artists were stolen while selling.
That was a terrible news.
So, we're requesting to FICOMIC (event's organizers) for more security for next events.

Please, read and share the link below.
♥♥♥ MANY THANKS! ♥♥♥

You can also follow the oficial facebook page and sign for a better mangacon:

Per un Saló millor, para un Salón mejor, for a better MangaCon!

*** Trunks doujin: Welcome home, my boy 6 ***

Last friday I received this doujin (and 2 lovely cards) from Japan:

"Welcome home, my boy 6"
by Shin Minazuki
Japanese text

An splendid doujin and artist, focused in Trunks character.
I think this artist was the best Trunks doujin artist in 90's.
I hope I could find more from he/she.
I'll try to post better quality pics soon (I've had a busy weekend)
And back to draw!!! Pink Lovers VxB doujin is waiting!

divendres, 5 de novembre de 2010

*** Spirits fight ***

I'm a big Shaman King fan and now that I'm reading and watching Bleach manga I've realized that I adore manga stories about japanese spirits world *____*
This pic came to my mind some days ago and I needed to do it. My tribute to these two amazing manga!
☆☆☆They are the strongest soul fighters!☆☆☆

Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo
Shaman King belongs to Hiroyuki Takei
arts: nenée

dijous, 4 de novembre de 2010


He's really proud of his wife ^______^

After taking part in work promotional exams, I'm back to Pink Lovers comics :D Lot of fun ^__^
While drawing new pages, I'd like to post more pics and strips. I miss posting new things.
I'll work hard. Well, I'll try ^^;


dilluns, 1 de novembre de 2010

*** Gaijin manga publishers***

*** Gaijin project is here! ***
(Catalan) Gaijin*(*paraula japonesa per referir-se a "gent estrangera") és el nom escollit per l'editorial Glénat per començar una nova línia editorial de manga dibuixat per autors espanyols i sud-americans.
Els nous títols han sortit en aquest recent Saló del Manga de Barcelona, 29 oct. - 1 nov 2010.
Un dels seus manga, "Bakemono", ha sigut el segon títol més venut, per darrera del manga de Naruto. Els editors estan molt contents. Us desitgem que seguiu treballant i dibuixant per molts anys!!
*** Felicitats equip Gaijin! ¡¡¡Felicidades!!! ***

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

(English) Gaijin* (*japanese word to say "foreign people") is the name chosen by Glénat publisher to start a new manga comics division drawn by spaniard/south american artists.
New titles have been released this Saló del Manga de Barcelona, 29th oct- 1th Nov. 2010
One of these new manga, "Bakemono", has been Glénat second most sold title, after Naruto manga. So publishers are really happy :D We wish you keep working and drawing for years!!!
*** Congrats Gaijin team! ***

Related links:

dilluns, 25 d’octubre de 2010

*** Sexy or Sweet treat ***

:DDDD This is my Halloween DragonBallZ entry for
:icondbz-halloweencontest: contest, at www.deviantart.com

I've had lot of fun. It was the first time I took place
on a Deviantart contest. I think I should do it more often.
And also go back to comic contests too.
Lot to draw!!!
*** Happy Halloween and Bona Castanyada a tothom ***

*** L'hora del Vermut ***

(Catalan version) Un cop al mes, col·laboro al programa de ràdio "L'Hora del Vermut", a Ràdio Igualada, al 103.2 FM. Parlem de Manga, anime i esdeveniments relacionats. M'ho passo teta sincerament. Gràcies David Canto ^_________^ Aquest passat dissabte 23 vam tenir l'honor d'entrevistar a l'editor del canal 3XL, Raül Tidor, de la Televisió Catalana TV3. Un innovador canal dedicat al manga, l'anime i les bones sèries per a adolescent i adults. Death Note, Bleach o Fringe són algunes de les joies que ofereix el nou canal, tant per televisió com per website.
***Moltes felicitats pel projecte i seguiu així!***

(English version) Once a month, I collab on "L'hora del Vermut" radio show, at Radio Igualada 103.2 FM. We talk about Manga, anime and related events.
I'm really happy and I have lot of fun doing it ^___^. Thanks David Canto!
Last saturday 23th we interviewed Raül Tidor, editor of 3XL TV catalan channel. This innovative program offers the best anime and SC-FC series like Death Note, Bleach or Fringe through Tv and website.
*** Congrats for this amazing project! ***

Related links:

divendres, 22 d’octubre de 2010

*** Spirit day - 20th october ***

**** ****

Spirit Day -- an event to honor teens who have lost their lives to anti-LGBT bullying.

diumenge, 10 d’octubre de 2010

*** While studying ***

Vegi is a super daddy!! hahaha! I think he never imagined doing things like this in the past :D Bulma is having lot of fun XD

This is a long weekend!! Before start studying today, I've done this comic strip XD Hope you like it!
I miss posting Pink Lovers comics but I have to be patient. I have to study. So meanwhile, I'm working on Pink Lovers season 2 and trying to post some sketches and other small comics. Thanks for waiting, you're lovely! *__*
I'm really really happy you enjoy my comics

dijous, 7 d’octubre de 2010

***Bellprat Book Fest *** 03-10-2010

*** Bellprat, Vila del Llibre - 3 d'octubre de 2010 ***

*** "Emocions cícliques" & "Black Kiss Superstar" ***
Quico13 va estar present en una nova edició de la Fira del LLibre de Bellprat,
amb el seu primer llibre de poemes (il·lustrats per nenée) i el seu nou "Black Kiss Superstar" CD de Rock and Roll.

Quico13 at Bellprat Book Fest with his first poem book "Emocions Cícliques"
(illustrated by nenée) and his new R&R "Black Kiss Superstar" CD

*** Pilarin Bayés ***

Pilarin Bayés, reconeguda i estimada il·lustradora catalana, va oferir una master class als oients de la Fira de Bellprat.

Pilarin Bayés, wide renown and beloved catalan illustrator, offering a master class.

*** Tropo Editores ***

Increïbles editors independent, amb una producció d'altíssima qualitat. http://www.tropoeditores.com Els podeu seguir a www.facebook.com

Amazing indie publishers, with high quality publications. http://www.tropoeditores.com Follow them at www.facebook.com

diumenge, 3 d’octubre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 11 *** end season 1***

Hola Hola!! Back with weekly VxB Pink Lovers comics!
But I'm a bit annoyed...I should start studying again ≧皿≦
ARGH! It means, delaying drawing projects!! ಥ_ಥ

If I was promoted, I had better schedule and more time to draw. This is my big goal!!! ☆_____☆
But I'm not sure I will be able to pass March exams either (too much applicants). However, as much I prepare my exams, the soonest I'll be promoted. So I should do it anyway.
But, that's not good for my projects!!! ಥ_ಥ
I can't help it, I'm always stressed when I have to delay my projects!

Besides, Pink Lovers season 1 is over and season 2 is being drawn. It will take me some weeks to have them done. But among all these obstacles, as far as possible, I'll try to post anything!!!
Quina ratllada...

Above all, thanks for reading and havign fun with my comics,
you're adorable!! Gràcies >_______<. Gracias! Thanks! Arigatou!

diumenge, 26 de setembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 10 *** VxB chibi doujin***

(sorry for any english mistake...^^;)
Growing up children, both saiyan/human, is not an easy job^^ And apart from that, having Vegeta as a father...mmm..how do you explain to them that your father was a bloody warrior that killed thousands of innocents?
This time Pink Lovers is not about VxB pairing, as usual. Hope you don't mind. But I have lot of fun imagining these weird familiar meetings XD
More coming! (if schedule works lets me)

*** Beloved TV ***

25 years old.
This Tv was part of our family (like our car, that it's 31 years old...)
I saw and recorded all Dragon Ball sagas with it.
It's a pity it finally broke.

So I did this obituary. All at home had fun.
It's a good way to remember it. With an smile.

dimarts, 21 de setembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers, season 2 ***

What and awful month at work...Quin setembre, de veritat. But while complaining about my schedule, Pink Lovers comes to its end. But right now, I'm working on season 2 :D
Actually it's the only project I can draw. And I don't want to stop it, it's really fun and people enjoy it too ^_____^ Thanks for your lovely comments and posts. Gràcies, de veritat.
Maybe, while drawing Pink Lovers season 2, I wont' be able to post new pics/strips. No enough time. Hope you understand.

dissabte, 18 de setembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 09*** VxB chibi doujin***

Horrible week at work but full of energy to do Pink Lovers comic!! October will be a peaceful month, fortunately!!!(except for promotion exams at work...that I probably fail ...uuhh but there are more coming in March...so, I can try again then). I'll have a bit more time for do more fanpics. I'd like it. Patience u__u
*** Anyway! Thanks for reading! Gràcies per llegir! Gracias por leer! ***
I hope you liked my VegetaxBulma fan stories :)

And tonight I'll have great fun dancing with Carl Cox at Florida135 disco club (Fraga - Spain)
After a hard week, listening one of the best Dj's all will be fine!
*** wishing you a happy weekend! ***


♥Poor Trunks♥
Quin susto...pensava que havia perdut en Trunks ^^u...

I was finishing Pink Lovers 9 when I've discovered that Trunks mobile chain had disappeared!! Argh! But he was at the bottom of my handbag...among other items and strange stuff living there XDDDD heheheh!!!
It was a hard experience for him that will make him stronger XD

September is becoming a haaaard month at work... some days I'm 13hours in the office, bad moods. Too much stress. Everything will be better there in October...November.

dimecres, 8 de setembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 08*** VxB chibi doujin***

Happy to post a new one Pink Lovers comic!
I start being busy with work, omg, -quin pal!- shit!
Also, promotional exams are back and it's good to take part on them. So I have to spend some time studying too "__" that means not so much time to draw and have fun with you. Argh!!!
It's only a week after holidays ended... .__.

Sure all of you are busy working or studying too.
Whising you the best! It's hard coming back to work.
(sorry for my english)
- Quico! espero que no estiguis molt destroçat amb els bolos de les bodes i el Cd. A tope, nano!! :D
- JL! Estás que te sales con Babetool XD ¡Esperando tus chicas!
- Lovely VxB fans: lot of kisses, thanks for reading ^_^

divendres, 3 de setembre de 2010

*** Sketches 5: Bura scan ***

Hiii!! Hola nens!
I'm back to work, and we're quite busy! But as soon as I can, I'll try to post new pics and Pink Lovers comic too. I'm a bit addicted fanartist^^ hahaha
Even if they're only sketch, hope you don't mind (no time).

Bulma and Vegeta have sweet times while waiting for Bura. They watch some 3D baby scans on a CC device. Bulma has any gadget she needs XD
I sometime think that Trunks pregnancy had to be more stressful for Bulma than Bura's one. She's a strong woman. It's lovely that Vegeta gone back to them and made their family grow (sorry for my english).

Vegeta, Bulma and Bura belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée

dimarts, 31 d’agost de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 07 *** VxB chibi doujin***

^^ Poor Bulma, she works a lot at CC and goes really tired
(or maybe Vegeta doesn't let her sleep enough either XD hehe)

Yay!! last Pink Lovers comic of summer!! In two days I'll be back to work.
>___________<. I don't know how much time I'll haveto draw. September is a really busy month. I have a weird schedule until October U__U
I hope to be able to do a weekly Pink Lovers comic.
But sure I won't have time for my own projects. Not fair u___u
(I hate my job schedule)
Let's see.

***Big kisses!!! cof cof.... ***

dilluns, 30 d’agost de 2010

*** My friend Augmentine ***

Oh yeah....I'm cold again...
But this time it was my fault...^^U...
Party oustide, cold night, no stop speaking and drinking...
This is why Augmentine is here with me, for 7 days.
No excuses, I have to take care about my delicate throat >__<.
now that I'm good mood, time to work on Pink Lovers 7.

Thanks for your lovely comments!!! :D

divendres, 27 d’agost de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 06*** VxB chibi doujin***

About Vegeta, it's fun thinking about how he expresses his feelings toward Bulma and Trunks. Sure he tries to catch Bulma's attention in many ways but he fails on succeeding a lot^^ And this gets himself into some problems too

He's cute!

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée
(sorry for my english... ^^U...)

dijous, 26 d’agost de 2010

*** Trunks lifes ***

Trunks is cool!
I started VegetaxBulma fancomics because of Trunks passion.
So he deserves some pics ^^ . And Trunks fans deserve it too!!
Happy fans!! XDDDDDDD hahahah!!!
Well, Pink Lovers and more projects are waiting also.
So, let's work.
************BIG KISSU!**************

dimarts, 24 d’agost de 2010

*** Back and shopping***

wUO!! hola!!!! I'm back and I'm quite sleepy...
Maybe it's hot weather. Quin pal. Anyway.
OOhhh...holidays have gone >__<. But I have lot to share with you! :D

*** Shippo no Hohon ***

I've bought 2 new VegetaxBulma doujins!
This one is am one-shot story, some fun and erotic moments.
Bulma got her own tail by testing with Vegeta's hair.
"Oniyuri" style is shojo manga, neat pages, thin inking. Lovely!
>>>Oniyuri: http://tigerlilly.pya.jp/db/

*** Vegetable te ***

Amepati (pachi) is one of the best DragonBall japanese fanartist.
(I'm also in love with http://ay-vb.sakura.ne.jp/_top.html )
So I read he was doing a new comic for a VxB doujin and I've found it on ebay.

This story takes place in Cross Epoch Dragon Ball parallel world.
I can't read japanese but it's a romantic tale where Bulma and Vegeta get married
(also Bulma's pregnant)
His works are amazing, gorgeous style and powerful ink.
Big mankaga. So I'm really happy to find his new work.

>>>Pachi: http://kumoriame3.blog4.fc2.com

And there are 2 other VxB comics:
First one is a litlle story where Bulma and friends have fun on a festival but Vegeta reject to go.
>>>Libuki sama: http://livliv.net/DB/

Second one is a dramatic love story where Vegeta saves Bulma on Freezer space planet. Lovely young Vegeta, ianime freezer saga style.
>>>Minagawa Tsutomo: http://am1143.sakura.ne.jp/index.html

*** Moomin comic strips compilation (nº3) ***

I found this Moomin comic strip compilation in London. There are 5 books by now.
This one is nº3. Moomin are adorable, cute and sweet! Tove Jansson ink work is wonderful.
Hope you like the samples and weblinks!! :)

Also I hope you're all fine :DD Thanks for your lovely comments!!!
KIAAAA^^ Big Kiss!