dimarts, 25 d’agost de 2009

***SHAMAN KING 300, comes to its REAL END :D***

SNIF SNIF!!! gimme a clinecks, please! SHAMAN KING IS OVER!
I'M A BIG BIG SHAMAN KING FAN. I've enjoyed this manga for years and I voted for its publishing when japanese publishers cancelled the manga some years ago. NOW, fans are Happy!!! Shaman King manga has come to its REAL END. I'm so happy, I post here Last words of Hiroyuki Takei sensei.

I'm waiting for buy the manga soon, in Spain. This man deseres it. Buy it too! LONG LIVE SHAMAN KING!!! ARIGATOU GOSAIMASU, TAKEI SENSEI

dimarts, 11 d’agost de 2009

***new VegetaxBulma fancomic***

I posted in Deviantart that I was finishing a new
VegetaxBulma fancomic at the end of July but
my neck didin't let me work fast so I'll finish the comic this week,
I hope!!!

Enjoy sample meanwhile :)