dimecres, 30 de juny de 2010

*** Own projects ***

It's summer time! And my time table at work has changed!
So I hope I'll be able to draw a lot!!
There are several projects waiting!
Hope to start them in next months and post good news soon :D
**** lot of kisses!!! besitos i petons! ****

dimarts, 29 de juny de 2010

*** Babetool design ***

JL Gaitan
babetool on facebook

Es 1 gran artista y gran persona :D
Tanto que me dejó proponerle un diseño para su personaje "Nuria"
de su cómic BABETOOL

Mil gracias, JL !!!!
Me muero de ganas de ver a tus chicas en acción!

***Don't miss his works!***

Babetool belongs to JLGaitan.
Design: nenée

diumenge, 27 de juny de 2010

*** Happy fan ***

*** I want to thank some lovely Twitter users that make possible
that Vegeta and Bulma are alive and arguing throught Twitter ***
@Saiyangirl @Unholy_Rage @queen_sammy @Genius_Bulma @Vegeta_no_Ouji @TyraelAngelus @Trunks_Brief @Bulla_Brief @Son_Goten_

I'm a happy fan!!! T____T THANKS!
This pic is for all you!


dilluns, 21 de juny de 2010

*** Intense weekend ***

***Aaaaaaaaaaamazing weekend, full of adventures!***
- Finishing wedding's commission
- Tonsillitis again >_<.
- David Guetta in Barcelona!!! - Sonarweek

Today I'm still sleepy but I'm happy to have been able to finish
the commission (still waiting for approval) and have enjoyed
David Guetta's show. WOW!
I feel revitalized ^__^

You made us feel alive, man!!!

dimarts, 15 de juny de 2010

*** Sketches 3 ***

My portable PC is slower than usual.
Maybe it's a virus.
I don't know but tomorrow
I'll be paiting commission with another PC.
I have to fix this somehow @___@

dissabte, 12 de juny de 2010

*** Vegebul 69 Fes. ***

Today 12th June, it's VegetaxBulma festival :D
*** http://www.livliv.net/69fes/ ***

I'm not sure about which kind of event it is because website is entirely in japanese.
But I suppose it's a doujin event, printed or on-line one.
In main website you can ckeck the artists list and their websites ^__^
Fandom passion is amazing!

*** Lucky japanese VxB fans!!! ***

all images belong to their owners
DragonBall/ Akira Toriyama

dijous, 10 de juny de 2010

*** Sketches 2 ***

Some fun while working on wedding's art commission.
I'll be back soon! ^__^
*****BIG KISS*****

dimarts, 8 de juny de 2010

*** Sketches ***

I've decided that while I'm busy with exams, commissions
and others, I could post some sketches.
Hope you enjoy them ^^
*** Bona nit! Buenas noches! Good night! Oyasumi!***

***Have lovely dreams***

*** Busy return 4 ***

English B1 exam is done :D
And now I'm back to wedding art commission.

After that, finally, I'll be back to draw! XD
Also posting in devianart and blogger.

But meanwhile, I've bought some items in ebay
Having some fun! ^_^

***DragonBall doujinshi*** Shaman King oficial fan book***

***Evangelion-Kaworu mobile chain***