dilluns, 27 d’abril de 2009

***fancomics fancomics***

Hard work but finally online.
Fancomics are available at web^^

Sabaku no Gaara

Matrix Revolutions

Final Fantasy


Fancomics done from 2003-2007. English-Spanish.
Published in PPT fanzine or online at nenee.deviantart.com

Some of them are part of fancomic anthologies
published in PPT fanzine - Saló del Manga - Barcelona
Great memories, thanks for buying us and help
keeping up publishing!

Enjoy!!! :DDDDD

dissabte, 25 d’abril de 2009

***poster contest "Estiu Jove"***

Well, I tried ^^!
not won but quite happy with the result.

This was my entry for Igualada "Estiu Jove"
poster contest, Igualada Young Summer Festival.
Winner entry was Xavi Mula, great and colorful.

So, now, it's time to web work
and prepare publishers work book.

diumenge, 19 d’abril de 2009

***gaara fancomics back in DA***

Good news XDDDD
After long silence, Gaara stuff is back in nenee Deviantart page.

This page is from "Naruto's present" serie.
Gaara receives a birthday presents from Naruto kun^^
2 movies: Fight club and Nightmare at Elm street
***a bomb in Gaara life XD***

These comics will be also available at web soon.
Thanks for waiting! U__U

dimecres, 15 d’abril de 2009

***lilyblue - comic updates***

***love in darkness***

New web update at One shot comic section.
This comic was made some some years ago,
2002. First time I inked with ink brush and
it was lovely. I should try more often.

Published at PPT fanzine.

divendres, 10 d’abril de 2009

***missed gaara fanarts O__O ***

I've discovered I missed some gaara fanarts in the web!!
argh! Fixed problem!!!

First one, "Kazekage Gaara invites to BBQ" was not a mistake.
It's part of a humor comic strip in my nenee Deviantart page.
That's why I didn't upload in fanart section waiting
for posting late rin fancomic section.

These pics are available at web too.

dimecres, 8 d’abril de 2009

***manga prize at Dos Hermanas Comic Contest - Sevilla***


This time, manga "niebla" has won as the best manga at
XV Comic Contest Dos Hermanas - Sevilla.

Available at web www.nenee.eu/oneshot00_niebla.html

dimarts, 7 d’abril de 2009

***comic prize at CreaComic - CAM***

SO HAPPY!!!!!!

Original comic SILENCIO
has been prized at CREACOMIC comic contest
CAM - Caja del Mediterraneo
-ecology category-

Free download soon at web:

^^ happy nenée!

divendres, 3 d’abril de 2009


Sooo thanks for waiting!!!
so excited^^


--original comic manga
illustration fanart--

This is nenée online workbook.

feel free to read and download comics and images.

(and sorry for english mistakes)

In main page you'll find 3 parts: COMIC, ILLUSTRATION AND FANART.

Also there is twitter window, info page, contact and blog link.

In ILLUSTRATION part it's only open FASHION by now.

I'll keep working on other parts soon.

In FANART you'll find manga fanart from my fav series.

Enjoy. All character belongs to their authors.

Ask for sharing, please.

Any question, please write me at:


or in this blog too^^