dimarts, 29 de març de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 20 *** Season 2***

Today I need to hurry #___# Lots of kisses!! ♥ Petonets!
And thanks for reading :D always!
And sorry for English mistake... Provoke with K...

Vegeta, Brief family and Son Goten belong to Akira Toriyama
Arts: nenée

dimecres, 23 de març de 2011

*** One wish ***

1000 paper origami cranes, 1 wish ♥
This is what a Japanese tale tells.

This is my origami crane for http://las1000grullas.wordpress.com project

♥ Ànims Japó, Ánimos Japón, Nihon Gambattene! ♥

dimarts, 22 de març de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 19 *** Season 2***

Back from my trip to USA and then Madrid too! Busy but fun!
Unfortunately, World is full of terrible news. I'm still shocked with Japan tsunami and nuclear alert/disaster... It shouldn't be happening! Didn't we learn nothing from Chernobil??? Humans are an stupid race...
Maybe Vegeta is quite right :(

Vegeta & Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
Arts: nenée

divendres, 18 de març de 2011

*** Japanese strenght ***

I believe in Japanese strenght. They are giving us an incredible example of common sense against the dark moments they are facing. They will no defeat.
I feel, here in Catalonia and Spain, we should learn from them. I do believe.
♥ Nihon Gambare! ♥
Ànims Japó, Ánimos Japón!

Pink Lovers will be back next week! (I have a little trip this weekend to Madrid so I can't draw :( )

dimarts, 15 de març de 2011

*** Help for Japan ***

No words...Still under shock thinking about Japan disaster.
My art collab for those suffering in Japan :'( Gambare!
And really worried about nuclear energy too >__<.
What are we doing?

dilluns, 14 de març de 2011

*** Back but sad - Help for Japan :'( ***

Hi!! I'm back from my little/fast trip to USA (Washington DC - NYC). And ready to post new pics and comics. Airports give you lot of time for sketching :D. And some friends requested more Trunks pics ♥
But I can't stop thinking about Japan disaster. Mare de Déu... :'(((((((
****Gambare Nihon!****
Ànims Japó, Ánimos Japón!

♥Let's help, let's donate♥

dijous, 3 de març de 2011

*** Trip to USA * March 5th-12th ***

♥ Hi sweets! From Sat. 5th of March, I'll be in the USA visiting a very good friend that recently has become mother ^____^ Felicitats Mumi!!!! ♥
I'm really nervous! I've never been in the US and there's lot to see! I'll be in Washington and also in NY (few days). I'll try to post as many photos throught twitter and blog as I can! I think weather is a bit bad right now (rain and probably some snow in NY) but let's see! Wish me luck ^^u...
Lots of kisses!!! A tots! A todos :D !!!