dilluns, 15 de juny de 2009

***Trunks amazing figure***

no words, only happiness!!!^^

Th is
26cms Trunks figure cost me 10euros ONLY!!
at Saló del Còmic de Barcelona, lasy 29th may.
I was so happy...
Gogeta was also available but Trunks figure was BETTER.

Even the box was great!!!

divendres, 5 de juny de 2009

*** Moomin tale books 2***

***SO cute and creative***

This time, Mymble, Moomin have to find Little My
among holes that connect every page with others.
Original, fun and creative Tale!!!

Moomin and Mymble will have to pass throught this
can if they wanna find little My.

***sweet Moomin Mum***

*** Moomin tale books 1***

***Hola guapos, Hi all!***
While recovering from neck ache, I wanna share
some scans of Moomin Tales books I found
in London some weeks ago, in a lovely
finish shop, close to Regent's park.

Toffle story begins like this.

Colors and nature are part of Tove Jansson works,
but also her ink pages, more intimist and sad.