dissabte, 31 de juliol de 2010

*** Pink Lovers, now at website ***

^^U... take my some days to update all news at website. A bit boring. But now done!!! Yeah! ***Pink Lovers doujin is now available at website*** www.nenee.eu XDD and happy to be on holidays right now!!! SIIII!!! XD

dimecres, 28 de juliol de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 04*** VxB chibi doujin***

***Pink Lovers n4***
Yes, Vegeta is always pink, it fits him^^
(and so sorry for any english mistake .__.)

Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama

arts: nenée

dissabte, 24 de juliol de 2010

*** Own projects 2 ***

I adore doing VegetaxBulma fancomics, and it helps me to work on my own projects also. So I hope that in september/october, I'll start posting a new online comic I'm working on.
Lot to do but it's great. Internet is a good way to publish your works.
I love it.

dimecres, 21 de juliol de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 03*** VxB chibi doujin***

Bulma adores that Vegi pulls his tail out to look like a simple human.

It's his love demonstration
Anyway, I hope Vegeta never discovers this freezer XD
hahahaha! He would be scared!
^__^ fun couple!

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée

diumenge, 18 de juliol de 2010

*** nenée web: map section ***

:DDDDDDDD lot of time waiting to do this!!! ^__^
*** MAP section is now available at nenée website!***

There are several section in the web that are not open yet.
And it missed some index or map that showed it.
Sure that some visitors got in trouble because of that,
thinking that it was a web/internet browser problem.
I apologise for any inconvenience U____U

Hope it helps from now :)

***XD and we're alive from Monegros Desert Festival!!!***
17th 18th July, 2010 - Fraga (spain)

We couldn't dance untill 11am and see Ben Sims LIVE,
we were really tired. We went to car to sleep at 4,30 am.
But it was an amazing night anyway! Waiting for 2011 edition!

***2ManyDj's LIVE***

***sand, heat and techno***

divendres, 16 de juliol de 2010

*** Spicy moments XD ***

Bulma found her old pyjama and decided to gave Vegeta a little present.
Bulma loves arousing him ^^ hahaha!!!

Someone is under pressure XDDD and it's going to explode.
Lot of fun!!!!♥sexy couple

This week I'm quite busy because of going clubbing:
- Axwell at opium Barcelona
- Monegros Desert festival (saturday-sunday)

And I needed to draw a bit while preparing next
"Pink Lovers" comic page.

This time, pics are a bit spicy, hope you don't mind.
I like the sexual tension among these characters^^
Happy weekend, sweets!

dimarts, 13 de juliol de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 02*** VxB chibi doujin***

*** Maybe Vegeta is not an easy lover, but Bulma is quite original too XD ***

Happy to post a second comic of my Pink Lovers doujin!!!
I'd like to be able to post a strip a week but I also wanted to prepare an own project.
I always want to do lot of lot of things but I'm not able to do it ^^U...
Quite sad. But I think it's quite usual among artists too.

And I forget to post thiiiiiiiiiiis amaaaaaaaaazing photo XD

I was parking my car at work when I found this car with a
Capsule Corp. sticker on it! YEAH XD
I would be cool meeting the driver some day!! ^^

dijous, 8 de juliol de 2010

*** Wedding card :'D ***

****** whising you a wonderful wedding!*******


This sweeeeet illustration is the lovely commission
I was doing last months for a sweetier lady that
is going to be married soon in Greece.

This is her wedding card. Sweet, isn't it?
Even I didn't have so much time, I stopped
my projects to do it. I was really amused with her request.

I want to thank her enormous patient giving me
so much time to finish it T__T
I learnt so much doing it.

*********LOTS OF KISSES!!
WISHING YOU THE BEST!!!*************

And send me some photos!!! :DDDDDDD

dimarts, 6 de juliol de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 01*** VxB chibi doujin***

Oh well! One of my stopped projects since february 2010.
@__@ argh, it's quite sad.
But now I'm back, "Pink Lovers" doujin is back too!

And due to this large break, I feel that I should start the project again.
This is why I've decided to post online the 13 pages I had done since then.
And possibly, make new ones too.

So "Pink Lovers" doujin will become an online doujin.
(soft erotic humorous strips)

Meanwhile I'll be posting these pages, I want to start an erotic VxB doujin.
I'd like to print it, it was my main idea *__*
But if it goes so slowly too, maybe I'll post it online.
(for free, of course). Let's see.

I hope you enjoy "Pink Lovers" pages :)
I did! XD

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
"Pink Lovers" doujin by nenée :)

(and sorry for any english mistakes. I'll appreciate any positive critique)

diumenge, 4 de juliol de 2010

*** Summer time! ***

Hi sweet! Hola a tots! Hola guapos!

Happy Happy!!!
Wedding commission was finally approved T___T
I'll be able to upload the pic in some days.
I'm really proud of it!(omg, sorry for mistakes!)

And I'm also happy because summer time means: time to draw!!!
I've first finished this passionate VxB fanpic. It's for you!
And I'll be back to Deviantart and projects.
Sorry for my long absences due to work.