dijous, 8 de juliol de 2010

*** Wedding card :'D ***

****** whising you a wonderful wedding!*******


This sweeeeet illustration is the lovely commission
I was doing last months for a sweetier lady that
is going to be married soon in Greece.

This is her wedding card. Sweet, isn't it?
Even I didn't have so much time, I stopped
my projects to do it. I was really amused with her request.

I want to thank her enormous patient giving me
so much time to finish it T__T
I learnt so much doing it.

*********LOTS OF KISSES!!
WISHING YOU THE BEST!!!*************

And send me some photos!!! :DDDDDDD

3 comentaris:

  1. En grecia!, que buen lugar para hacerlo!. Felicitaciones a ellos y para vos también con lo que te costó este trabajo, quedo excelente!


  2. Nenee! no se que paso, aprecio un comentario borrado, pero juro que yo no lo borre, voy a ver que paso, no sea cosa que alguien intente hackearme la cuenta =P