dimarts, 6 de juliol de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 01*** VxB chibi doujin***

Oh well! One of my stopped projects since february 2010.
@__@ argh, it's quite sad.
But now I'm back, "Pink Lovers" doujin is back too!

And due to this large break, I feel that I should start the project again.
This is why I've decided to post online the 13 pages I had done since then.
And possibly, make new ones too.

So "Pink Lovers" doujin will become an online doujin.
(soft erotic humorous strips)

Meanwhile I'll be posting these pages, I want to start an erotic VxB doujin.
I'd like to print it, it was my main idea *__*
But if it goes so slowly too, maybe I'll post it online.
(for free, of course). Let's see.

I hope you enjoy "Pink Lovers" pages :)
I did! XD

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
"Pink Lovers" doujin by nenée :)

(and sorry for any english mistakes. I'll appreciate any positive critique)

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