dimarts, 31 d’agost de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 07 *** VxB chibi doujin***

^^ Poor Bulma, she works a lot at CC and goes really tired
(or maybe Vegeta doesn't let her sleep enough either XD hehe)

Yay!! last Pink Lovers comic of summer!! In two days I'll be back to work.
>___________<. I don't know how much time I'll haveto draw. September is a really busy month. I have a weird schedule until October U__U
I hope to be able to do a weekly Pink Lovers comic.
But sure I won't have time for my own projects. Not fair u___u
(I hate my job schedule)
Let's see.

***Big kisses!!! cof cof.... ***

dilluns, 30 d’agost de 2010

*** My friend Augmentine ***

Oh yeah....I'm cold again...
But this time it was my fault...^^U...
Party oustide, cold night, no stop speaking and drinking...
This is why Augmentine is here with me, for 7 days.
No excuses, I have to take care about my delicate throat >__<.
now that I'm good mood, time to work on Pink Lovers 7.

Thanks for your lovely comments!!! :D

divendres, 27 d’agost de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 06*** VxB chibi doujin***

About Vegeta, it's fun thinking about how he expresses his feelings toward Bulma and Trunks. Sure he tries to catch Bulma's attention in many ways but he fails on succeeding a lot^^ And this gets himself into some problems too

He's cute!

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée
(sorry for my english... ^^U...)

dijous, 26 d’agost de 2010

*** Trunks lifes ***

Trunks is cool!
I started VegetaxBulma fancomics because of Trunks passion.
So he deserves some pics ^^ . And Trunks fans deserve it too!!
Happy fans!! XDDDDDDD hahahah!!!
Well, Pink Lovers and more projects are waiting also.
So, let's work.
************BIG KISSU!**************

dimarts, 24 d’agost de 2010

*** Back and shopping***

wUO!! hola!!!! I'm back and I'm quite sleepy...
Maybe it's hot weather. Quin pal. Anyway.
OOhhh...holidays have gone >__<. But I have lot to share with you! :D

*** Shippo no Hohon ***

I've bought 2 new VegetaxBulma doujins!
This one is am one-shot story, some fun and erotic moments.
Bulma got her own tail by testing with Vegeta's hair.
"Oniyuri" style is shojo manga, neat pages, thin inking. Lovely!
>>>Oniyuri: http://tigerlilly.pya.jp/db/

*** Vegetable te ***

Amepati (pachi) is one of the best DragonBall japanese fanartist.
(I'm also in love with http://ay-vb.sakura.ne.jp/_top.html )
So I read he was doing a new comic for a VxB doujin and I've found it on ebay.

This story takes place in Cross Epoch Dragon Ball parallel world.
I can't read japanese but it's a romantic tale where Bulma and Vegeta get married
(also Bulma's pregnant)
His works are amazing, gorgeous style and powerful ink.
Big mankaga. So I'm really happy to find his new work.

>>>Pachi: http://kumoriame3.blog4.fc2.com

And there are 2 other VxB comics:
First one is a litlle story where Bulma and friends have fun on a festival but Vegeta reject to go.
>>>Libuki sama: http://livliv.net/DB/

Second one is a dramatic love story where Vegeta saves Bulma on Freezer space planet. Lovely young Vegeta, ianime freezer saga style.
>>>Minagawa Tsutomo: http://am1143.sakura.ne.jp/index.html

*** Moomin comic strips compilation (nº3) ***

I found this Moomin comic strip compilation in London. There are 5 books by now.
This one is nº3. Moomin are adorable, cute and sweet! Tove Jansson ink work is wonderful.
Hope you like the samples and weblinks!! :)

Also I hope you're all fine :DD Thanks for your lovely comments!!!
KIAAAA^^ Big Kiss!

dimecres, 11 d’agost de 2010

*** Summer sketches 3 *** See you on 21th! ***

I'll be on Holidays until 20-21th August! And I'll miss you all so much!
I tried to post a new Pink Lovers comic, but no time.
Instead of that, I psot these VxB, Trunks and Bra sketches :DDDD
Hope you like them too!!! Espero que os gusten!!! ^___^
I had lot of fun doing all them.
See you soon!!!!!! Miss you!!!!!!!!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

dilluns, 9 d’agost de 2010

*** Summer sketches 2 ***

XDDD second summer sketch done!
(and sorry for being a fast one, there are some mistakes ^^U... sorry!)

XDDDD Trunks is back!!!
He's a big Heartbreaker! We knew that for sure^^
Valentine day is a tragedy in his High School. See what they did to his locker.
A friend said that lingerie was from Goten or Bra XD omg, no!! XD

I think this will be the last sketch I do until I came back, in 20th.
However, I'll try to post Pink Lovers 6 this week before leaving.
JL, no sé si colgar los sketchs, quizás algunos :)
Y lo del inglés, estamos todos igual ^^U...
A veces gente me manda el texto correcto en inglés.
Es 1 detalle ^^u...aunque da un poco de vergüenza XD jajaja!

diumenge, 8 d’agost de 2010

*** Summer sketches ***

^__^Saturday night I was at home and I drew so much! I was really happy and I had lot of fun also. I was so excited that I wanted to post all the sketches. I still don't know what to do. Meanwhile, I paint first one. I'd like to paint a second one and do Pink Lovers 6 before leaving on holidays
(sorry for my english, my sister told me I should improve it ^^U... )

I'll be out untill 20th August. I'll miss you so much!!!

Litlle Bra, lot of fun in the sea XDDD
She thought that shark Ki was Vegeta's one. I think shark and Vegi look quite similar too ^^
Poor Trunks...

Bra and Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée

dimecres, 4 d’agost de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 05*** VxB chibi doujin***

XDD Summer time!
Poor Vegi, he's a lovely jealous husband, he can't beat Bulma's charms XD

Happy to post new Pink Lovers on time! I though I would be busier with home tasks and other, and I couldn't post till the end of the week. There are more pics and comics waiting so it's good to keep uploads on time.

These pages were drawn some months ago and I see several mistakes ^^U...hope you don't mind a lot.

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: neée

***happy summer holidays to all :D ***

dimarts, 3 d’agost de 2010

*** Sketches 4: Trunks ***

Some days ago, a Deviantart friend posted that missed more Trunks fanarts. And it's true. I started doing VegetaxBulma fanarts because of Trunks passion. So I've coloured this old pic to get used to draw him again. I've been playing with colours and lights and finally, I've chosen this dark atmosphere. It fits with his story, parallel dark future world, where he's all alone.

He's a great character. I would like to find more good doujins or fanarts online about him.
He deserves it!
If I was able to draw faster, I would do one of him T__T big tears...
I'm even not able to draw all VxB stuff I'd like...big tears again T__T

It's also summer time so it's nice to be out of home too.

As Mum sais, we should live two lifes ^___^