diumenge, 26 de setembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 10 *** VxB chibi doujin***

(sorry for any english mistake...^^;)
Growing up children, both saiyan/human, is not an easy job^^ And apart from that, having Vegeta as a father...mmm..how do you explain to them that your father was a bloody warrior that killed thousands of innocents?
This time Pink Lovers is not about VxB pairing, as usual. Hope you don't mind. But I have lot of fun imagining these weird familiar meetings XD
More coming! (if schedule works lets me)

*** Beloved TV ***

25 years old.
This Tv was part of our family (like our car, that it's 31 years old...)
I saw and recorded all Dragon Ball sagas with it.
It's a pity it finally broke.

So I did this obituary. All at home had fun.
It's a good way to remember it. With an smile.

dimarts, 21 de setembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers, season 2 ***

What and awful month at work...Quin setembre, de veritat. But while complaining about my schedule, Pink Lovers comes to its end. But right now, I'm working on season 2 :D
Actually it's the only project I can draw. And I don't want to stop it, it's really fun and people enjoy it too ^_____^ Thanks for your lovely comments and posts. Gràcies, de veritat.
Maybe, while drawing Pink Lovers season 2, I wont' be able to post new pics/strips. No enough time. Hope you understand.

dissabte, 18 de setembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 09*** VxB chibi doujin***

Horrible week at work but full of energy to do Pink Lovers comic!! October will be a peaceful month, fortunately!!!(except for promotion exams at work...that I probably fail ...uuhh but there are more coming in March...so, I can try again then). I'll have a bit more time for do more fanpics. I'd like it. Patience u__u
*** Anyway! Thanks for reading! Gràcies per llegir! Gracias por leer! ***
I hope you liked my VegetaxBulma fan stories :)

And tonight I'll have great fun dancing with Carl Cox at Florida135 disco club (Fraga - Spain)
After a hard week, listening one of the best Dj's all will be fine!
*** wishing you a happy weekend! ***


♥Poor Trunks♥
Quin susto...pensava que havia perdut en Trunks ^^u...

I was finishing Pink Lovers 9 when I've discovered that Trunks mobile chain had disappeared!! Argh! But he was at the bottom of my handbag...among other items and strange stuff living there XDDDD heheheh!!!
It was a hard experience for him that will make him stronger XD

September is becoming a haaaard month at work... some days I'm 13hours in the office, bad moods. Too much stress. Everything will be better there in October...November.

dimecres, 8 de setembre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 08*** VxB chibi doujin***

Happy to post a new one Pink Lovers comic!
I start being busy with work, omg, -quin pal!- shit!
Also, promotional exams are back and it's good to take part on them. So I have to spend some time studying too "__" that means not so much time to draw and have fun with you. Argh!!!
It's only a week after holidays ended... .__.

Sure all of you are busy working or studying too.
Whising you the best! It's hard coming back to work.
(sorry for my english)
- Quico! espero que no estiguis molt destroçat amb els bolos de les bodes i el Cd. A tope, nano!! :D
- JL! Estás que te sales con Babetool XD ¡Esperando tus chicas!
- Lovely VxB fans: lot of kisses, thanks for reading ^_^

divendres, 3 de setembre de 2010

*** Sketches 5: Bura scan ***

Hiii!! Hola nens!
I'm back to work, and we're quite busy! But as soon as I can, I'll try to post new pics and Pink Lovers comic too. I'm a bit addicted fanartist^^ hahaha
Even if they're only sketch, hope you don't mind (no time).

Bulma and Vegeta have sweet times while waiting for Bura. They watch some 3D baby scans on a CC device. Bulma has any gadget she needs XD
I sometime think that Trunks pregnancy had to be more stressful for Bulma than Bura's one. She's a strong woman. It's lovely that Vegeta gone back to them and made their family grow (sorry for my english).

Vegeta, Bulma and Bura belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée