dimecres, 28 d’abril de 2010

*** Little break 2 ***

Some fun before starting with a wedding pics commission.
I 'm not fast drawing because my work time-table is really bad.
So I was a bit annoyed about this art request.
But bride told me to take it easy and draw according to my free time.
So I'm more motivated right now.

After that, I think I'll stop doing commissions for a while
because VegetaxBulma doujin needs to be done.
Sorry for the delay...

Vegeta and Bulma belongs to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée

dilluns, 26 d’abril de 2010

*** Little break***

Arrgh! even it's only a little sketch, I needed to post
something new. Too much days without drawing Vegi.
While being cold, new VxB stories came in to my mind.
But now I'm back, there's a commission waiting.
So, fanworks must wait, as usual -___-

diumenge, 25 d’abril de 2010

*** Sant Jordi's day ***

Sant Jordi's day, 23th april, is one of the most lovely days of the year, in Catalunya.
Men give a rose to woman and Woman give them a book.
Everyone is on the streets, enjoying spring time, love and literature.

And also, this catalan tradition has become the International Book day.

Quico13 was also launching his poem book from 16pm to 22pm.
And I was there, signing and drawing his books. It was a lovely day.

And when I went home, my brother had bought these amazing
roses bouquet to mum, my sister and me.
***Gràcies germanet!***

:D I'm better from cold so I'm back to draw (and study too argh)
This time, new commission is a pack of Greek wedding cards.
I'm a bit nervous because pics must be lovely *___*

>__<. And I want to do some VegiXBulma stuff soon too! addicted XD

dimarts, 20 d’abril de 2010

*** St. Jordi cover commission ***

Well! Bad news.
Yesterday I received a reply about a newpaper cover commission I did
last tuesday/wendesday.
They are not going to publish, either pay it -___-
(attention: they wanted me to do it freely!!! abuse! )

The worst thing was that I run to deliver first sample
it but they took near a week to reply me.

They lacked professionalism.

Dealing with publishers is not an easy job.
Well, here it is, for you :D
Enjoy friends!

(and I still have a cold and I've lost my voice too T___T )

dissabte, 17 d’abril de 2010

*** Quico13 poem book - St.Jordi's day***

***I'm proudly present Quico13 poem book:
Emocions Cícliques ***

Poems: Quico13
Cover designs: Josep Cordero
Illustrations: nenée (me)

***The launching of the book: Sant Jordi's day - 23th April ***
Plaça de Cal Font - Igualada - Catalunya

Everybody is invited ^___^ Quico will be signing his book there.
And If you can't come, I wish you have a lovely International Book's day!!!

divendres, 9 d’abril de 2010

*** Sweet touch ***

This is a peaceful moment of them.
I've enjoyed so much doing this pic, I feel better now I can
share something new with you.

I'm busier at work and exams are near.
And because of that, VegixBulma doujin goes slower.
But doing this lil pic gives me break and well,
tomorrow I'll try to keep up working in Doujin's comic.

It's also weekend time! It's time for fun!
***Madrid-Barça*** XD
Enjoy everything!


dimarts, 6 d’abril de 2010

*** Birthday gifts ***

***These pics are birthday gifts done by
lovely Deviantart friends. Enjoy!!!***





It was an amazing B-day day, full of surprises and love
from everyone, thanks again T__________T

***Gràcies a tots! ***

divendres, 2 d’abril de 2010

*** Be careful XD ***

Vegeta hate worms...and lice too^^ haha!
Fun comic strip from VegetaxBulma doujin that I'm working on.
Bulma is never bored...

Vegeta, Bulma, Trunks and Bra belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée 2010