dimarts, 20 d’abril de 2010

*** St. Jordi cover commission ***

Well! Bad news.
Yesterday I received a reply about a newpaper cover commission I did
last tuesday/wendesday.
They are not going to publish, either pay it -___-
(attention: they wanted me to do it freely!!! abuse! )

The worst thing was that I run to deliver first sample
it but they took near a week to reply me.

They lacked professionalism.

Dealing with publishers is not an easy job.
Well, here it is, for you :D
Enjoy friends!

(and I still have a cold and I've lost my voice too T___T )

4 comentaris:

  1. Que hijos... siempre hacen lo mismo!, vos no te dejes caer, que mas vale no publicar a que te pasen por arriba. Nos pasa a todos, fuerza!!

    El dibujo es increíble, quiero pintar como vos!


  2. What a fuck!!!!
    The picture is incredible!! I Love it!!!!

    Strange times... people want everything for free... Be patient my friend!! you are a talented girl and I'm sure that you will success!!! I'm completely sure!!!!!!!!

    I hope to help you as you helped me in my book!! are you ready?

    See you on friday!

  3. Gracias JL, Gràcies Quico13

    son 1 capullos
    I feel pity for their workers.
    One friend is working on that newspaper...
    Quico13 maybe knows him.
    Ja farem safareig divendres XDDD.

    BEsitos BEsitos a los 2!!!
    Sou uns cracks! KISSU!

  4. Ala, que cabrons!!! ò___ó

    Quina falta de ètica i professionalitat ¬_¬ Tranquila, noia, que ja veuràs com triunfes amb altres projectes, per petits que siguin, i on cobraràs (a ser possible, decentment).

    No desesperis ^_^