dijous, 30 de juny de 2011

*** Torna Bola de Drac ***

Dragonball broadcasting in Catalan is back, thanks to 3XL TV (more info at: http://www.3xl.cat )
☆☆☆☆This is a great moment☆☆☆☆

Dragonball arrived to Spain, in 1990, dubbed in Catalan. Everybody enjoyed this dub soooooooo much. Vegeta's Catalan insults were extremely famous! XD There are a lot of videos on youtube about DB in Catalan.
So reading today that DB will be back on Tv and in my mother tongue means FAN HAPPINESS 100% !!!
So I've done a fast little comic strip about this ^________^

Versió en Català:

English version (corrected):

diumenge, 26 de juny de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 25 *** Season 3 ***

Big problems...thanks to peace time XD ♥

I think this PL is the one with moooore text on it. I hope you don't mind so much.
Jokes are at the end of the comic page.
I agree with the boy!! XD hahaha!

And no. Gay boy is not Goten from GT saga! XD Several people are asking this at Devianart. OMG. I haven't realized that their design are so similar ^^...lol

***As alwyas, thanks x reading! Gràcies x seguir Pink Lovers! Gracias por pasarte ***

divendres, 24 de juny de 2011

*** Sant Joan ***

Sant Joan fest! Some free days. And still with some stomach ache so I'm at home, relax time. Time to draw, paint, study a bit and some fireworks!!! ^_________^ lovely ♥

Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama
Arts: nenée

diumenge, 19 de juny de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 24 *** Season 3 ***

Pressure problems, Vegeta XD ? ♥

*** thanks for the English corrections, readers! ***

Vegeta, Bulma & Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée

divendres, 17 de juny de 2011

*** Summer time coming***

Before summer time starts, I'm trying to make as much progress on Pink Lovers pages as I can. Weekends will be busy: Dj's coming to Barcelona, clubbing nights and drinks with friends.
It's great to draw - I'd really like to draw more comics than PL- but it's necessary to feel fresh air.

Només em sobren els putos mosquits >___< I only hate mosquitoes...

dilluns, 13 de juny de 2011

*** News coming ***

While preparing some surprises, I've been sketching some pics too.
Wuaa... >:D Having fun painting Trunks, specially when it's still a sketch.

Today was bank holiday so I had time to do all these things.
When I go to work it's no so easy. And I should be studying a bit ^^U

diumenge, 12 de juny de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 23 *** Season 3 ***

♥ Love under the Sakura blossom ^________^ ♥

Vegeta is not a romantic husband but it doesn't mean he doesn't love his wife and he could do anything for her. Lovely couple ever!!!
* Thanks for reading Pink Lovers :D * Moltes gràcies * Muchas gracias *

Vegeta & Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée

diumenge, 5 de juny de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 22 *** Season 3 ***

^________^ Trunks, proud son ♥ (text corrected!)

Only few people can slap Vegeta. Bulma is one of them.
Thanks for reading!!! Moltes gràcies! Mil gracias ^__^

While doing new Pink Lovers comics, I have to do a little commission. So I should work a bit faster :/
♥And thank to Deviantart user to help me to correct Pink Lovers English texts♥