dilluns, 25 d’octubre de 2010

*** Sexy or Sweet treat ***

:DDDD This is my Halloween DragonBallZ entry for
:icondbz-halloweencontest: contest, at www.deviantart.com

I've had lot of fun. It was the first time I took place
on a Deviantart contest. I think I should do it more often.
And also go back to comic contests too.
Lot to draw!!!
*** Happy Halloween and Bona Castanyada a tothom ***

*** L'hora del Vermut ***

(Catalan version) Un cop al mes, col·laboro al programa de ràdio "L'Hora del Vermut", a Ràdio Igualada, al 103.2 FM. Parlem de Manga, anime i esdeveniments relacionats. M'ho passo teta sincerament. Gràcies David Canto ^_________^ Aquest passat dissabte 23 vam tenir l'honor d'entrevistar a l'editor del canal 3XL, Raül Tidor, de la Televisió Catalana TV3. Un innovador canal dedicat al manga, l'anime i les bones sèries per a adolescent i adults. Death Note, Bleach o Fringe són algunes de les joies que ofereix el nou canal, tant per televisió com per website.
***Moltes felicitats pel projecte i seguiu així!***

(English version) Once a month, I collab on "L'hora del Vermut" radio show, at Radio Igualada 103.2 FM. We talk about Manga, anime and related events.
I'm really happy and I have lot of fun doing it ^___^. Thanks David Canto!
Last saturday 23th we interviewed Raül Tidor, editor of 3XL TV catalan channel. This innovative program offers the best anime and SC-FC series like Death Note, Bleach or Fringe through Tv and website.
*** Congrats for this amazing project! ***

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divendres, 22 d’octubre de 2010

*** Spirit day - 20th october ***

**** ****

Spirit Day -- an event to honor teens who have lost their lives to anti-LGBT bullying.

diumenge, 10 d’octubre de 2010

*** While studying ***

Vegi is a super daddy!! hahaha! I think he never imagined doing things like this in the past :D Bulma is having lot of fun XD

This is a long weekend!! Before start studying today, I've done this comic strip XD Hope you like it!
I miss posting Pink Lovers comics but I have to be patient. I have to study. So meanwhile, I'm working on Pink Lovers season 2 and trying to post some sketches and other small comics. Thanks for waiting, you're lovely! *__*
I'm really really happy you enjoy my comics

dijous, 7 d’octubre de 2010

***Bellprat Book Fest *** 03-10-2010

*** Bellprat, Vila del Llibre - 3 d'octubre de 2010 ***

*** "Emocions cícliques" & "Black Kiss Superstar" ***
Quico13 va estar present en una nova edició de la Fira del LLibre de Bellprat,
amb el seu primer llibre de poemes (il·lustrats per nenée) i el seu nou "Black Kiss Superstar" CD de Rock and Roll.

Quico13 at Bellprat Book Fest with his first poem book "Emocions Cícliques"
(illustrated by nenée) and his new R&R "Black Kiss Superstar" CD

*** Pilarin Bayés ***

Pilarin Bayés, reconeguda i estimada il·lustradora catalana, va oferir una master class als oients de la Fira de Bellprat.

Pilarin Bayés, wide renown and beloved catalan illustrator, offering a master class.

*** Tropo Editores ***

Increïbles editors independent, amb una producció d'altíssima qualitat. http://www.tropoeditores.com Els podeu seguir a www.facebook.com

Amazing indie publishers, with high quality publications. http://www.tropoeditores.com Follow them at www.facebook.com

diumenge, 3 d’octubre de 2010

*** Pink Lovers 11 *** end season 1***

Hola Hola!! Back with weekly VxB Pink Lovers comics!
But I'm a bit annoyed...I should start studying again ≧皿≦
ARGH! It means, delaying drawing projects!! ಥ_ಥ

If I was promoted, I had better schedule and more time to draw. This is my big goal!!! ☆_____☆
But I'm not sure I will be able to pass March exams either (too much applicants). However, as much I prepare my exams, the soonest I'll be promoted. So I should do it anyway.
But, that's not good for my projects!!! ಥ_ಥ
I can't help it, I'm always stressed when I have to delay my projects!

Besides, Pink Lovers season 1 is over and season 2 is being drawn. It will take me some weeks to have them done. But among all these obstacles, as far as possible, I'll try to post anything!!!
Quina ratllada...

Above all, thanks for reading and havign fun with my comics,
you're adorable!! Gràcies >_______<. Gracias! Thanks! Arigatou!