divendres, 26 de febrer de 2010

*** Printers ***

I've received a first estimate for VegetaxBulma doujin :D
I was thinking about 24pages book but it will be expensive.
Printer sent me a 40pages book estimate and it's ok.
But it will take me more time to finish the doujin T___T
This was not my main idea but I prefer a nice selling price.

So, please, be patient U__U
It will be lovely!^^

dimecres, 17 de febrer de 2010

*** VegetaxBulma commission - quidwitch ***

*________* Happy!
Thanks for your art request,
I'm so happy you like it!>____<
Thanks for your helpful words and comments!
I'm full energy!

Art request by: quidwitch (also www.queensammy.com)
Vegeta & Bulma belong: Akira Toriyama
Arts: nenée 2010

diumenge, 14 de febrer de 2010

*** First steps - happy Valentine day! ***

Good morning and happy happy Valentine day!!!
Oh! It's really hot in this place, and not only for water XD
First steps in love world can be hard sometimes ^^
It's not a problem for VxB couple!
***Wishing lot of love and passion to everybody!!***

And party too XD!!! It's 11 a.m. and we're back from
disco Activa XD OMG!!! Amazing night ever, great Dj's,
lot of fun and good techno music from 90's.
Music power!!

***Big kiss!***

divendres, 12 de febrer de 2010

*** Strange love ^^ ***

Even it doesnt' look like a romantic scene,
it will be my pic for St.Valentine day ^__^
It's first time I do something for lovers day.
And as you see, it's a VxB fanpic XD obviously!
It's different but let's see :D

My work time table has changed and I haven't been able
to draw since monday O___O I'm angry >____<
But fortunately, monday is a local holiday day so I hope
I'll have time to draw a lot!^__^ And go clubbing too *__*
yeah! It's Carnival time!
***big kiss and fun to everybody!***

dilluns, 8 de febrer de 2010

*** Doujin too ***

:D Hi minna! Hi sweets!
While working in quidwitch VxB art request (Hi dear!!)
and quico13 poem book (hola nano!),

VXB doujin/fancomic is going on too :D

There will be humor pages and conclusives stories,
but I haven't chosen which one yet :/

Also I've realized that first cover design is for a japanese book
(from right to left) OMG XD hahaha!
It was something unconscious, I didn't realized it.

^^U... well, let's keep up working.

dissabte, 6 de febrer de 2010

*** Positive criticism ***

I'm on VegetaxBulma art request
after checking with ,
we agree that Bulma's face angle is quite weird (pic below)
And it's good because some information about the request
was missing so I'll prepare a new pic for her.

She has done something really really hard,

***positive criticism***
She also an artist and I think she did the best.
I'm full energy for new goal, sweet!
This time, both charas have to look great
(because as you see, Vegeta looks always SEXY!!! XD MAN!)

I also will finish this first try and upload it, but ^^U...
I'm a bit lazy
about redrawing Bulma's face. Let's see.
Now, It's time to sketch for quico13 poem's book

dijous, 4 de febrer de 2010

*** *__* lovely requests! ***

I'm so happy...
Appart from doing my VegetaxBulma fancomic,
I've received 2 art request...and I feel so happy and useful!

First was "quidwitch" (Sammy),
a sweet DA friend http://quidwitch.deviantart.com

who asked for a VxB commission *_______* OMG
T___T I'm missing DA emoticons here, I'm so honoured and happy!!!!
Thanks sweet!!! >________<

And second, I'll do illustrations for a Poem book from a great artist,
musician and better friend, Quico13 www.quico13.com

Rock&Roll fans, don't miss up listening his music!
He's preparing a poem book for Sant Jordi's day, catalan book day
(also international book/lecture day).
It's delicious and deep. Hope you can read online soon.

I'm also a bit upsed because VxB doujin is going slower... but it will be done.
So, please be patient >___<

And I want to thanks new and old friends that follow my blog!

Bra is happy too ^^