dijous, 4 de febrer de 2010

*** *__* lovely requests! ***

I'm so happy...
Appart from doing my VegetaxBulma fancomic,
I've received 2 art request...and I feel so happy and useful!

First was "quidwitch" (Sammy),
a sweet DA friend http://quidwitch.deviantart.com

who asked for a VxB commission *_______* OMG
T___T I'm missing DA emoticons here, I'm so honoured and happy!!!!
Thanks sweet!!! >________<

And second, I'll do illustrations for a Poem book from a great artist,
musician and better friend, Quico13 www.quico13.com

Rock&Roll fans, don't miss up listening his music!
He's preparing a poem book for Sant Jordi's day, catalan book day
(also international book/lecture day).
It's delicious and deep. Hope you can read online soon.

I'm also a bit upsed because VxB doujin is going slower... but it will be done.
So, please be patient >___<

And I want to thanks new and old friends that follow my blog!

Bra is happy too ^^


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  1. Felicitaciones Nurita!!!, que vengan mas, porque no hay nada que hagamos que no sea para alguien mas también, un abrazo enorme!!