dimarts, 29 de desembre de 2009

*** Back to grey tones ***

Today I've finished new VegixBulma comic pencil pages.
And this time I want to go back to origins and
make a black & white manga.

And also I though it would be faster than a coloured
manga but not ^__^U.... huhuhu...
So please wait *___* it will be cute.
*****BIG KISS!! ******

diumenge, 27 de desembre de 2009

*** Christmas present ^__________^***

I want to thank you again,


A deviantart user and friend that gave me a 3 month Premium member
as a Christmas present, last 21th december.

thanks sweetheart!

I'm working on a new VegixBulma fancomic.
White and black this time, back to origins.
***Hope you like it***

Wishing you a great 2010!!!

diumenge, 20 de desembre de 2009

*** Printed Xmas Card + Party room ***

:D I told you that I printed VxB Xmas card.
It looks so sweet but even I tried twice, the light photo is not good and image resolution/definition is bad.

Anyway, you can print it, if you like :)

After that, a little Xmas party has started in my room XD.
They're quite amused with VxB card. Everybody is invited XD


dissabte, 19 de desembre de 2009


***** Xmas Card 2009 for you!*****

It's a double comic card XDDD
having lot of fun^^
I've printed the card today and looks
lovely. I'll post some photos soon.
You can print it too.

***Wishing you lot of love and happiness

these days and an amazing new and fun 2010!***


dissabte, 12 de desembre de 2009

*** Gracias FER ***

Trabajé 1 año con Fernando Casaus, http://fercasaus.deviantart.com
junto con Ariadna Solsona, en 2006-07.

Y aún seguimos quedando. Pero además de una ser una amistad genial,
es un dibujante brillante que siempre me animó a dibujar, dándome consejos
y corregiédome errores. Me mostró el mundo de los dibujantes de cómic.

Le debía un dibujo dedicado cuando compró el último PPT fanzine,
(parece que la web está desactivada :/)
en el pasado salón del Manga.

Yo tambien te he hecho un fanart^^ (tú hicistes un Zetman de putísima madre)
***¡¡¡Espero que te guste!!!***

¡Gracias por todo, SenseiFer!
¡¡¡Sigue así y triunfa mucho dibujando!!!

diumenge, 6 de desembre de 2009

***Drawing on holidays***

I'm a bit upsed T__T
I'm on holidays (4 days) and I want to draw so much
but I'm slow, argh! I'm doing babyboom project and new VegixBulma fanart
but I'm not happy with the results. So I'm gonna have a lil brake, eat something and then we'll see.

Inside buiding perspective is awful >____<