dimarts, 30 de març de 2010

*** Tidy up 3 ***

And third recovered sketch^^
I love them here too!
They enjoy a peaceful evening, laughing at stupid things.
They are happily together again.

Well! I've been quite active this afternoon.
I'm happy, I have free time because of Easter holidays.
But now is time to update devianart journal,
website (due to html problems, it hasn't been
updated for days >___<.

Well, it's also time to study for job promotion
exams @___@ wuaa...Boring....

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée

*** Tidy up 2 ***

Second recovered sketch!
I love them!! They're so cute^^

Playing with colors and lights, hope you don't mind.

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée

*** Tidy up ***

I was tidying up some DB folders and I felt that some sketches
should be shared somhow. Even they're not finished.
I love this Trunks so much. I started to do DB fanpics because of him.
Blue saiyan soul.

Other old pics are on the way too^^
Lovely Easter moments.

dissabte, 27 de març de 2010

*** Easter week ***

Finally!!! Some days off!
Easter week is here and there's a lot to do!!!
I'm busier at work and at home and it's nasty!!!
Not time for drawing, deviant, facebooks or twitters till weekend.
And also, going to party!!! >______< I need to dance!
I'll try to fix somethings these coming days.

Vegi and Bulma want some action too XDDDD

diumenge, 21 de març de 2010

*** ^__^ great seller ***

I bought this VxB anthology doujin 2 months ago,
and it never arrived T___T I supose it got lost somewhere.

But I got surprised when seller told me to resend it
freely O_______O but I offered to pay EMS shipment service.
And with 6 days, it arrived from Japan!! Amazing! >_____< >

So here I post some samples for you ^___^
This VxB doujin have more adult content that old Moebon VxB anthologies.
Be careful if you buy it ^^ hehe!

* Amepati: simply amazing!XD Enjoy her/his works at
*Qiba: Lot of fun and good VxB stories:

*Riku http://vbpp.sweet.ne.jp/frame.htm

*Tigerlily: Cute lineart and amazing pages
*Lukia: Powerful erotic scenes XD

* Ribuki: Great work and parallel story :D

All samples belong to their authors.
Please, keep their webpages rules :)

dijous, 18 de març de 2010

*** Beginnings ***

I also had a new pic to upload.

I keep thinking about how Vegeta and Bulma relationship began.
It's a big fandom mystery and it's really cool!! XD
Sure it was not easy, both of them have obstinate tempers.

I have to admit that Vegeta muscles are not ok ^^U...
I only can draw after working or at weekend
so I try to draw fast and I don't search for enough info.

Jl, debo documentarme!! >___<
I must learn about anatomy. Pics will be more professional then.

Website news!
There was a problem udpating DragonballZ fanart section
and new updates are only available here, in blog or in deviantart page:

I hope I'll be able to fix it soon!

dimarts, 16 de març de 2010

*** T___T Tears of joy ***

Thanks, girl!

quidwitch sent me a gift,
a Deviantart 3 month premium membership.

Only Joy and a pic for you!!!

**** And also, I want to thank all lovely
deviantart friends who sent me a pic @__@ !! ****
I've been quite busy at work last weeks,
but I promise I'll reply all of you.
Wherever you are!

De verdad, gracias T___T Gràcies a tots!!!

dilluns, 8 de març de 2010

*** White birthday day :D ***

:rose:sweet moments of peace and love
while waiting for new child to be born:rose:
Even Vegeta feels comfortable.
It's a lovely and warm afternoon.

***thanks ***
Today is also my birthday! 8th! :D
Dbzbabe did this cute cute cute pic for me:heart:
I'm really happy, dear,THANKS!!!

And more lovely things coming today!
It's snowing in my land, it's quite incredible in March.

Fortunately, I can't go working XD so I'll be at home,
drawing and writing to you (doujin is waiting)

And I'm going to upgrade my Devinat account too,
it's expiring in two weeks. This will be my birthday present.
^______^ I'm really happy.
***And thanks for your lovely and warm words***

Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
Emoticons belong to Devianart
arts: nenée