dissabte, 6 de febrer de 2010

*** Positive criticism ***

I'm on VegetaxBulma art request
after checking with ,
we agree that Bulma's face angle is quite weird (pic below)
And it's good because some information about the request
was missing so I'll prepare a new pic for her.

She has done something really really hard,

***positive criticism***
She also an artist and I think she did the best.
I'm full energy for new goal, sweet!
This time, both charas have to look great
(because as you see, Vegeta looks always SEXY!!! XD MAN!)

I also will finish this first try and upload it, but ^^U...
I'm a bit lazy
about redrawing Bulma's face. Let's see.
Now, It's time to sketch for quico13 poem's book

2 comentaris:

  1. I think it's amazing anyway!! You didn't have to start a whole new one ^^

    But I can understand how frustrating it must be if it's not perfect or if someone else doesn't like it as much as you'd hope. Trust me... I've been there!! D: But you're amazing!

  2. T___________T you're so sweet, Sammy!!!!
    *************HUG YOU***************