dilluns, 8 de febrer de 2010

*** Doujin too ***

:D Hi minna! Hi sweets!
While working in quidwitch VxB art request (Hi dear!!)
and quico13 poem book (hola nano!),

VXB doujin/fancomic is going on too :D

There will be humor pages and conclusives stories,
but I haven't chosen which one yet :/

Also I've realized that first cover design is for a japanese book
(from right to left) OMG XD hahaha!
It was something unconscious, I didn't realized it.

^^U... well, let's keep up working.

5 comentaris:

  1. Tenes que decir como logras publicar en japon!!, sos una genia, te lo mereces.


  2. I'm excited to see it! You've been working so hard.

    OMG Trunks is UBER cute!!! I always thought he looked like like a little leo dicaprio: http://img535.imageshack.us/img535/2259/kidt.jpg


  3. Crack!!!!

    I'm waiting for your own manga film!!!

  4. JL!
    No, no publico en japón!
    ya me gustaría ^^U...,
    Lo que preparo es una autoedición. Como 1 fanzine (pero siendo un fancomic sobre un manga, le llamo doujinshi como los japoneses)
    Lo pongo tambien aqui y ahora te escribo en tu blog.
    And thanks to all for your posts >_______<

  5. shi,....ahora ke estoy de vacaciones voy a aprovechar para hacer todos mis proyectos,....

    besotes ninia feliz!!!!!