dissabte, 18 de setembre de 2010


♥Poor Trunks♥
Quin susto...pensava que havia perdut en Trunks ^^u...

I was finishing Pink Lovers 9 when I've discovered that Trunks mobile chain had disappeared!! Argh! But he was at the bottom of my handbag...among other items and strange stuff living there XDDDD heheheh!!!
It was a hard experience for him that will make him stronger XD

September is becoming a haaaard month at work... some days I'm 13hours in the office, bad moods. Too much stress. Everything will be better there in October...November.

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  1. A veces los juguetes se van de paseo, ya ves como es en Toy Story.

    Espero que se te pase rápido esos días de mierda, mucha fuerza y relax para vos!