dimarts, 3 d’agost de 2010

*** Sketches 4: Trunks ***

Some days ago, a Deviantart friend posted that missed more Trunks fanarts. And it's true. I started doing VegetaxBulma fanarts because of Trunks passion. So I've coloured this old pic to get used to draw him again. I've been playing with colours and lights and finally, I've chosen this dark atmosphere. It fits with his story, parallel dark future world, where he's all alone.

He's a great character. I would like to find more good doujins or fanarts online about him.
He deserves it!
If I was able to draw faster, I would do one of him T__T big tears...
I'm even not able to draw all VxB stuff I'd like...big tears again T__T

It's also summer time so it's nice to be out of home too.

As Mum sais, we should live two lifes ^___^

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  1. Me tenes que enseñar como pintas!, que yo me complico demasiado =P, esta excelente el trabajo.