dimarts, 24 d’agost de 2010

*** Back and shopping***

wUO!! hola!!!! I'm back and I'm quite sleepy...
Maybe it's hot weather. Quin pal. Anyway.
OOhhh...holidays have gone >__<. But I have lot to share with you! :D

*** Shippo no Hohon ***

I've bought 2 new VegetaxBulma doujins!
This one is am one-shot story, some fun and erotic moments.
Bulma got her own tail by testing with Vegeta's hair.
"Oniyuri" style is shojo manga, neat pages, thin inking. Lovely!
>>>Oniyuri: http://tigerlilly.pya.jp/db/

*** Vegetable te ***

Amepati (pachi) is one of the best DragonBall japanese fanartist.
(I'm also in love with http://ay-vb.sakura.ne.jp/_top.html )
So I read he was doing a new comic for a VxB doujin and I've found it on ebay.

This story takes place in Cross Epoch Dragon Ball parallel world.
I can't read japanese but it's a romantic tale where Bulma and Vegeta get married
(also Bulma's pregnant)
His works are amazing, gorgeous style and powerful ink.
Big mankaga. So I'm really happy to find his new work.

>>>Pachi: http://kumoriame3.blog4.fc2.com

And there are 2 other VxB comics:
First one is a litlle story where Bulma and friends have fun on a festival but Vegeta reject to go.
>>>Libuki sama: http://livliv.net/DB/

Second one is a dramatic love story where Vegeta saves Bulma on Freezer space planet. Lovely young Vegeta, ianime freezer saga style.
>>>Minagawa Tsutomo: http://am1143.sakura.ne.jp/index.html

*** Moomin comic strips compilation (nº3) ***

I found this Moomin comic strip compilation in London. There are 5 books by now.
This one is nº3. Moomin are adorable, cute and sweet! Tove Jansson ink work is wonderful.
Hope you like the samples and weblinks!! :)

Also I hope you're all fine :DD Thanks for your lovely comments!!!
KIAAAA^^ Big Kiss!

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  1. Amepati el mejor lejos. Dónde coseguís estas cosas, están buenísimas, me quedo con muchas ganas de leer Moonin, me pareció maravilloso.

    Dibujaste?, te tenog a Nuria Coloreada para vos!