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*** DragonBall: las pelis del Goku 1 ***

*** A little treasure***
DragonBall - Los hijos bastardos de toriyama. Las pelis del Goku

This awesome fanzine/doujinshi is a lovely parody book about DBZ movies. It's entirely done in Spanish/Catalan and drawn by several artists: Water Party Boys Circle. It could be bought at Saló del Manga de Barcelona, 29th october 2010, in fanzines area. It's printed as an original manga tankoubon: small book, 180 pages, B&W. 5euros. So it's an amaaaaaaaaaaaazing fan edition XD
All DBZ movies have been redrawn with lot of fun and great sense of humor. Here I post some scans. hope you enjoy them, even it's in spanish/catalan.

Above: There is a glossary about the most famous Vegeta Catalan insults. They became really really famous on TV anime. Excellent idea!
Above next: Vegeta with Paragus, as Jasmine princess in Aladdin movie. Amaaaaaaaaazing moment XD

Above:Vegeta blushes about having some fusion with Goku XD lovely!! hahahah!
Next: Goten and Trunks have some problems with Broly... lol

Above: Bardock, Goku's father, is a great warrior but with some problems with alcohol. Freeza is fed up with him ^^;

Above: Gipsy warriors from out space singing Flamenco. Cute
Even I'm a BIG heteroTrunks fan, sexy gay Trunks moments are amazing XD He's adorable anyway ^__^

Above: Another great Trunks moment. He has to help Goku because fangirls want to see how he takes his jacket off XD hahaha! True!

I really found an amazing DB fancomic. I really want to thanks the artists.
Gràcies a tots!!! Happy fan!!!
*** Waiting for DBZ 2 !! ***

Available at:
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Fan, you need it! :D

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  1. Increíble que todavía sigan saliendo fanzines de Dragon Ball, aunque ahora que Toriyama está ceca de volver a la serie debería agradecerle a estos chicos, como vos que mantiene vivo el espíritu de la serie!



  2. UOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHH!! Moltes gràcies per la publi!!! no m'ho esperaba, som les XauyChu, que participen en la realització del fanzine, comentar-te que pel saló del Comic de BCN, treurem el tercer número!!! Ens ha fet molta ilusió!!