diumenge, 31 de juliol de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 40 *** Season 5 ***

Want some help, Bulma? Be careful... ^^ hehehe!

HOLA PeOple!
♥ thank you x your comments! mil gracias! ♥

About Pink Lovers news:
1. Pages 30-39 (season 4) will be published exclusively on Pink Lovers book I'm working on.
2. I'll be posting online from page 40 (season 5 )
3. Pink Lovers book will be printed on September. I'll try!!! I'll work hard.
4. More info coming!
5. Please, feel free to ask :)

I've been busy this last week and I haven't sent the Pink Lovers gifts yet. It will be done this coming week. Sorry x delay.
While doing PL comic I'd like to do other projects too. I don't have so much time :/ but I always dream about drawing more stories. And I should be studying too...argh... Sempre igual.

Vegeta & Bulmabelong to Akira Toriyama
Pink Lovers/arts: nenée

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