diumenge, 3 de juliol de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 26 *** Season 3 ***

XD Waiting for her prince ♥ Humans beware...

Still lot to explain about this lovely couple. I hope you like it!
And thanks x reading. Gràcies x llegir. Gracias x pasaros!

*** Pink Lovers Birthday - 6th July 2011 ***
One year! I'm so happy. First VxB comic page was posted on 6th July of 2010. I'm preparing some little gifts but there's one that is on delay :((( I'm angry...but I only can wait. Quin rotllo.
Posting news soon anyway♥

Vegeta & Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
Arts: nenée

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  1. congratz!! i'm your follower (but haven't give a comment before). i really like this couple, so your doujin really makes me happy! can't wait the little gifts!! keep up the good work!!

  2. M'encanta Pink Lovers! Avui m'he llegit no se quants capítols! ^_^ Merci pel comment i el follow també! ;)