dimecres, 6 de juliol de 2011

*** Pink Lovers Birthday Party ***

*** Welcome to Pink Lovers Birthday Party! ***
6th July 2010-2011

Thanks for make it happens! Gràcies per fer-ho possible! Gracias por hacerlo realidad!

One year drawing Pink Lovers. It deserves a party!!! XD
Enjoy it at http://www.nenee.eu
There are some sweet surprises waiting for you!♥
I hope you like them ^_____________^

Thanks for having read my little VxB fancomics. I'm a happy fan :D


Vegeta, Bulma & Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama
arts: nenée


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  1. awww.. that's really sweet of you!! i really wanna see the printed one! i've sent you the email, anyway. and... you're welcome. i guess i'm the one who should be thanking for the doujins XD i really enjoyed it