dijous, 4 d’agost de 2011

*** Pink Lovers book ***

♥♥♥ So happy to print my VxB doujin! ♥♥♥

(cover design could change)

On Pink Lovers birthday, I posted that I was working on a printed book of VegetaxBulma adventures ^__^
These photos are from the first sample. Cover could be different.
It will be a full color book in English.

*** Contents ***
- Pink Lovers 01 to 29
- Exclusive Pink Lovers pages, from 30 to 39
- Some other surprises.
- It would be possible to translate it to Catalan or Spanish
(printed book would be ready on October-November)

I'm working hard to print the English version on September.
Then I'll post prices & shipping info.
Meanwhile, enjoy online pages every Sunday! :D
And please, feel free to ask ^______^
Thank youuuuuuuu ♥

Vegeta, Bulma & Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama
Pink Lovers/arts: nenée

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