divendres, 8 de gener de 2010

*** PRIDE, new VegixBulma fancomic ^__^ ***

Thanks for waiting and reading!!! ;D

^____^ kiaaaa! kawaii!

This time, white and black manga!
I wanted to use greytones but I enjoyed
shading so much that I decided to shade it entirely
(ups, sorry for my english).

It's fun thinking about how or when Vegeta got
closer to Bulma and Trunks lifestyle.
It's a good way to put them togheter and create
emotive scenes ^__^
Hope you like this point of view.
Big Kiss to all!!

Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama/DragonBall
arts: nenée

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  1. Me parece genial cualquier punto e vista que tomes vos con estos mangas, mas allá de lo que hacen los personaje, son lo que trasmiten y es lo que verdaderamente vale de todo esto al final de cuentas. Me alegra que hayas vuelto al ruedo con todo!