dimecres, 6 de gener de 2010

*** Happy 2010!!! ***

Welcome to 2010!!!!
Hope this new year brings us lot of fun and comics!!! ;D

And I'm really happy!!
Because 5th january, The Three Wise Men Day*
I received an special present from Japan!
*** a lovely Vegeta x Bulma anthology! ***

Title: "I wanna" - several authors
Japanese language.
Printed in 2008

I adore japanese doujinshis. They draw with lot of passion
lovely stories, some of them, really closer to original comic.
Sometimes, they are able to imagine details that never
appeared in original manga but everyone was expecting to see.
Like VegetaxBulma relationship.
Fans are really happy ^____^

Now it's time to come back to finish my comic!
it will be ready in 2 days. Hope you enjoy it too.

***Lot of love to everybody!!!***

*The Three Wise Men day, 5th january: a catalan and spanish christmas celebration where the three Wise Men bring presents to children at home.

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  1. Cuando te vamos a ver publicando ahí? es mas, quiero comics tuyos!!!