dimarts, 19 de gener de 2010

*** 2010 Projects! ***

Today I had to wake up early
and I have been able to start
two new pics ^__^yeah!
Meanwhile, I've looked for
printers and shipment prices
because I want to do a printed
VegetaxBulma fancomic/doujin :D

I'm not fast drawing because
of full time job. So it will take some
months to do this printed doujin "__"
But I'll keep up doing fanworks.
I want to keep contact with you.
Thanks for watching the blog *___*
I'm really happy XD

***You're lovely!!!

2 comentaris:

  1. Y nosotros estarmos por acá esperando esas revistas, quiero una!, pago el envio yo.

    Hablando de envío meteme en el sobre un PPT comics tambien ;)



  2. Me había olvidado de contestarte tus mails, los que me enviaste, me hicieron mucha gracia, ahora voy a por ellos.