dimarts, 30 d’abril de 2013

*** Pink Lovers 97 *** Season 10 ***

No one expected Vegeta's reaction to this DB version done by Bulma hehehehe^^

I think Bulma ressembles to Vegeta's mother because of her bad-temper XD hehehehehe!!!!
Crazy VxB stories^^ I love this couple ♥ family!

***Thanks 4 reading Pink Lovers!***Gràcies!***Gracias!***

And thanks to my sister for her help with my English!!!♥
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2 comentaris:

  1. really nice, Bulma is so self-confident much like the worthy Vegeta's mother... your drawings are really beautiful BRAVA NENEE

  2. :') yay ♥ thank you darling!
    It was fun drawing Saiyan Bulma XD