diumenge, 1 de juliol de 2012

*** Pink Lovers 85 *** Season 9 ***

Thoughts from future.I really believe that the beginning of Bulma's relationship with Vegeta was difficult. He was really agressive. That's why I think that Bulma developed some Stockholm syndrome while living together.
Read about the Stockholm syndrome: [link]

But I also believe that after Cell saga, Vegeta started to learn how to deal with people. But you must be a strong person to deal with him anyway ^^U...
After all, they love each other

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  1. Pienso lo mismo. Creo que sus comienzos fueron bastante difíciles... pero mereció mucho la pena!! :D
    Que ganas tenía de leer más!!! espero que pongas otra prontito!!! estaré esperando!!! ;3

  2. Hola Nill!
    pues hay 1 pequeña sorpresita para este domingo.
    Espero que te guste ^______^