dimarts, 12 de juny de 2012

*** New Pink Lovers web ***

Pink Lovers comics will have their own website!!!♥ YAY!

I think you all deserve it, specially, the lovely people who translate the serie to their own languages

I'll be working on the new website for some weeks.
>>> Meanwhile, Pink Lovers comic will be posted every 15 days <<<
I need some extra time. So sorry.
I really believe you will enjoy the new website.

♥ new Pink Lovers 84 will be posted Sunday, 17th of June.

3 comentaris:

  1. I am very excited about the pink lovers comic as I am a big fan of them, i will wait with no problem :)

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! ♥________♥
    thank you so much for your post, Jessica!
    I'll work hard on the new website.

  3. you welcome :D and cant wait ^_^
    hugs back!