diumenge, 13 de maig de 2012

*** Pink Lovers 80 *** Season 9 ***

Tempation...To be a prince again, to beat Kakarot... These ideas are always in Vegeta's mind. Even he seem to enjoy a peaceful life on Earth, he has been a proud killer for years.
So I think that he would be tempted somehow by the dragonballs.
Fortunately, he prefers the vision of an eternal life in the Next World, fighting with the strongest dead warriors of the Universe.

Season 9! Happiness! XD Thank you all!

***Thanks 4 reading Pink Lovers!***Gràcies!***Gracias!***

And thanks to my sister for her help with my English!!!♥

*________* Gràcies!
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Vegeta, Bulma & Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama
Pink Lovers/arts: nenée - 2012

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