diumenge, 25 de març de 2012

*** Pink Lovers 74 *** Season 8 ***

Not easy to live with a Prince XD haha!
Poor Bulma^^U. I'm sure she well knows that Vegeta is deeply in love with her but it must be hard to deal with Vegeta about domestic works or any human tasks.

Be careful with princes^^ haha!

Posting on Sunday!!! Happiness XD
This week, I was ill: Tonsillitis. But I went to work. It was a weird week but at the end, there were lovely moments. It's fine.

***Thanks 4 reading Pink Lovers!***Gràcies!***Gracias!***

And thanks to my sister for her help with my English!!!♥

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Vegeta and Bulma belong to Akira Toriyama
Pink Lovers/arts: nenée - 2012

2 comentaris:

  1. jajajaja, poor Bulma... to live with a prince is so difficult XDDD

  2. This was never told on fairy tales... big fail ^^U Bulma knows hehe^^
    Big hugs! ♥