dimarts, 29 de novembre de 2011

*** Trunks contest! ***

*** I proudly annouce that I take part in a Deviantart Trunks Contest as a member of jury and with the prizes! So honoured ***

To take part in this art contest you must be a Deviantart user (it's free)

The picture HAS to consist of Trunks (Present/Future) with another character (Canon/OC).
No hardcore hentai.
Chibis/Black and White are allowed but the picture CANNOT be in a sketch or line art for the final piece.
Comics/Doujins are allowed.
Realistic style allowed.
1 entry per person.
Deadline: after Christmas but I'll be posting updated info.

♫First Place: Pixel chibi - *Bleekerx3
Colored Commission: up to 2 characters -*Punkish-Lozer
30:points: -*Punkish-Lozer
3 Month Premium Membership - *RuuRuu-Chan
1 Full Body Colored Pictue of Trunks - *nenee

♫Second Place: Icon - *Bleekerx3
Line art 1 character - *Punkish-Lozer
30 :points: - =MzTrunkZ11
1 Full Body Colored Picture- *RuuRuu-Chan
1 Full Body B/W Picture of Trunks- *nenee

♫Third Place: 100:points: - *Bleekerx3
Sketch 1 character, Bust shot - *Punkish-Lozer

*** Good luck!!! ***

Please, feel free to ask or click on icon to go to MiraiTrunksCLub webpage :D

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