diumenge, 16 d’octubre de 2011

*** Pink Lovers 51 *** Season 6 ***

XD hahahah!! World beware!! XD Hide your money! Vegeta is a stockbroker hihihihi... In these moments I don't know who is more dangerous, Bulma or Vegeta. Hohoho... Scary. Bulma should take a look on his moves. He always wants to be the very best at any price. Anyway, he will be a good partner.

Delayed emails!!! Argh! Sorry! Busy weekend! I went to a friends wedding and I also catched bride's bouquet!!! (origami bouquet donw by bride!!! Cool) ♥♥♥ YAY! Gràcies Silvia!!!

Sweet sweet wedding ^________^ And sweet couple!

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Vegeta, Bulma and Trunks belong to Akira Toriyama
Pink Lovers/arts: nenée

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