dimarts, 19 d’abril de 2011

*** VxB art donation for Japan - 5 ***

5♥ Japan art auctions opened!!! :D ♥

(Click images to open Ebay auction page)

*** VegetaxBulma & Trunks art donation info post ***

Now you can bid for these 2 art donations for Japan.
Auctions finish April 26th 2011
All money will be sent to RedCross / CruzRoja.
Thanks for your comments & votes here and at http://nenee.deviantart.com
People chose these two pics for art donation. So here they are!
Art lot: original A4 pencil pic + printed A3 illustration.
Free shipping.

Thanks for your collab!
♥ Go Go Japan! ♥

1♥ Most of my art works are related with Manga or influenced by this art.
2♥ So I'm preparing and VxB art donation with your collab.
3♥ At http://nenee.deviantart.com there's a poll to vote which kind of art work you'd like to bid for (you need a deviantart's user account to vote)
4♥ After that,
at http://nenee.deviantart.com & blog, there will be a second poll to choose which illustration will be the final art donation.
5♥ Bets will be at http://www.ebay.com (you need an ebay account to bid for)
6♥ Payment will be throught http://www.paypal.com company (you need a paypal account to send money)
7♥ Money will be sent to Red Cross org.

>>> Now, we are at 5♥ step <<<
Auction questions, please contact: nene_e@hotmail.es

Thanks to all of you for your help ♥ Nihon gambatenee!!♥

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