dijous, 12 de novembre de 2009

***Ebay Doujinshis 4: Trunks by Wolfpack***

***Hola a tots, Hola a todos, Hi people!!!^^***
Today, let's going on with Trunks and VegixBulma japanese doujins bought on Ebay.

(Tsubasa Hirono)
(I forgot title and author name last post dated 2th November)


I've found near 20 titles from this doujin saga in Internet. All produced in 90's and 2000 (quite sure). It's a hard work, if we think it's a doujin production/amateur production. So memorable. It's like a professional mangaka. I love doujin artists beacuse of their BIG passion. This artist-Wolfpack-, improved his style so fast and it was really close to Toriyama's one. His manga are full of fun and hilarious situations between Trunks and Vegeta. Happy are fans^^

Enjoy scans!*******WUAAAAAAAAAAA SEXY TRUNKS EVER!! XD**********
I'm not able to understand mostly of japanese but style and humor are good^^
New doujins posts soon!

In other hand, I'm practising with Babyboom linestyle. Not easy to find the suitable one U___U My cervicals don't let me ink as before so it's difficult to me to draw as I wanted. Mmm..I'll be thinking about it. I'm a bit worried ^^U... uuh...

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